Friday, March 16, 2012

Guess what?!?!

Guess what!?!?!

We're preggo!

It was actually a total surprise too!  I Haven't had a period since I miscarried back in December, so we took a little break to work on our foster care stuff and just let my body start a cycle again on its own.  About 2 months ago I went in to check and they wanted to start me on progesterone to cause a period.  I started it in February, with no success.  They then gave me a shot of Progesterone that they assured me would work in 5 days of less, and that also didn't work.  I went in on Tuesday to do an ultrasound to see why I hadn't had a period, and they told me that my uterine lining was thicker than usual, so the situation was really bizarre, because everyone starts their period on this medication.  They decided to do some some blood tests to see what my hormones were doing.  They called me back a few hours later to tell me that the reason why I wasn't having a period is because I was between 4-6 weeks pregnant according to my HCG levels!  I could not utter a coherent sentence for about 2 minutes.  I was in so much shock!  I hadn't had a full period in nearly 4 months, and low and behold we were pregnant!  I freaked out a little as I went on a rebellious stage after the miscarriage and had stopped taking my prenatal vitamins, but now we're back on track with those.

After speaking with the nurse I immediately called Alan.  I was at work when I picked up the phone, and several of my cooworkers heard me say "Oh my gosh!  Are you serious?!" and I wanted him to be the first to know.  Alan was super stunned when I called him, because he wasn't expecting it either.  He's been wonderful about it, and I think he's more excited than even I am.  I can't walk within arms reach of him without him rubbing my belly, and he hasn't called me Ani since we found out.  Instead it's "Mommy"  which is a shock whenever he says it.  We have our ultrasound to see how far along I am Monday at 1:15.  I'm hoping they'll be able to see something on there.  We're ok if we don't see a heart beat, I just want to confirm that we have something growing in there.

It's kind of hilarious, as two other girls on my team of 11 people are pregnant, and the only guy on our team's wife is also pregnant.  4 out of 11 is crazy, and most of the rest are too old to have kids now anyways!  I have girls on my fertility group asking me to send them a bottle of water from work.  It does have me a little freaked out, because one of the girls, Emeline, has a three year old daughter who told her she was having twins.  Low and behold, when they went in for the ultrasound there were two distinct fetuses in there.  This same child has also predicted that I will have twins.  I'm tempted to discount it, because we weren't on any fertility meds and twins don't run in my family, but it still freaks me out.  The thing that also worries me is that her HCG level was 3000 when they went in for the ultrasound for her twins, and mine was 5000 on Tuesday and they didn't see anything when they checked my Uterus.  They weren't really looking for a baby, and it would only be about the size of a lentil, so they could easily have missed it, but high HCG levels are one indicator of multiples.  I just hope it's not triplets!

I haven't really had any Nausea yet, which is awesome, but I have noticed other symptops.  My sense of smell has intensified, food (Particularly Chocolate) tastes differnent,  I have been a little over emotional, and I have had some weird cravings.  My dinner last night consisted of a pound of broiled asparagus (Yummy!) a boiled egg, and sausage with cheese.  Alan has just been laughing at all the crazy things I've been eating.  I still hate dill pickels though, so at least that hasn't changed.  A week ago Alan and I had an hour long argument about something he said that really just set me off, when normally I wouldn't have thought twice about it.  Poor guy.

We are planning right now to go with a Midwife for our birth.  I've felt really REALLY good about not going to a hospital, and I would plan on a midwife assisted home birth even if we find out we're having twins.  Our preferred midwife has had experience with twins, so if everything looks good I would love to stay out of the hospital.  I've had too many bad experiences with hospitals not respecting the wishes of their patients, particularly when it comes to medical intervention.   I also have a feeling that if we have twins we would be really pressured into a scheduled c-section if we went to a hospital.  I do not want to do a c-section until after a trial of labor, even if it's a breach birth.  I know that God will direct us in which way is the best way, and that if a hospital is needed we will be know that.  I'm feeling really calm about this pregnancy, and I know it will all work out for the best whatever happens.  I plan on keeping a regular journal on here of everything, so updates and pictures will happen as we go along.  See you Monday with more news!


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