Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know a lot of people complain about the symptoms of pregnancy, but there is one in particular that I think is just fabulous;  The superhuman sense of smell.  I mean, seriously!  I can smell things that I never would have been able to 3 months ago.  It can be an issue at times, especially when you work right across the freeway from the poop plant, but how seriously cool is it!  

I know God certainly doesn’t need my approval for things like that, but I am amazed at how much foresight it took to develop it.  It’s such perfect timing!  At the point where everything around you has the potential to effect two people instead of one, God gives you a super power to help you avoid potentially dangerous substances, from rotten food to cigarette smoke.  As far as super powers go it probably doesn’t make the list of top 20 most desired (Flight, invisibility, and super strength have it beat by a mile) but how often in your life do you get a real life superpower?!  

Call me a kid at heart, but I’m totally geeking out about how cool this is!



Krysta said...

It is cool to a point...The smell of uncooked cheddar cheese is so overpowering to me that it can be almost barf-inducing. I have no problem eating it once it is melted or otherwise cooked though.

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